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4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzyl alcohol(CAS 219873-06-0)

4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzyl alcohol, with CAS number 219873-06-0, is a chemical compound with a specific molecular structure

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4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzyl alcohol

4 Cyano 2 fluorobenzyl alcoholCAS 219873 06 0 2

Product Name: 4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzyl alcohol
CAS No.: 219873-06-0
Molecular formula: C8H6FNO
Molecular weight: 151.14
Purity: ≥98%

4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzyl alcohol, with CAS number 219873-06-0, is a chemical compound with a specific molecular structure. Here’s a description of this compound:

  1. Chemical Structure: 4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzyl alcohol has a molecular formula C8H6FNO and a chemical structure that includes a benzyl alcohol group with a cyano (CN) substituent at the 4-position and a fluorine atom (F) at the 2-position of the benzene ring.
  2. Organic Compound: It is categorized as an organic compound, belonging to the class of benzyl alcohols. Benzyl alcohols consist of a benzene ring with an attached hydroxyl group (alcohol functional group).
  3. Chemical Intermediates: Compounds like 4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzyl alcohol are often used as chemical intermediates in organic synthesis for the production of various organic compounds. Their applications can vary widely, depending on the specific reactions and products being targeted.
  4. Research and Development: This compound is typically employed in chemical research and development, particularly in the synthesis of various organic molecules, including those used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and other fine chemicals.
  5. Safety: When working with this or any chemical compound, appropriate safety precautions and handling guidelines should be followed to ensure safe laboratory practices.

The specific applications and uses of 4-Cyano-2-fluorobenzyl alcohol will depend on the context in which it is used in chemical reactions or the synthesis of other compounds. Researchers and chemists often utilize such compounds as intermediates to create a wide range of organic molecules for various purposes.

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