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PurePlant Pullulan Capsules Vegan-Friendly Dietary Supplements

Pullulan CAS 9057-02-7 is a polysaccharide consisting of repeating units of maltotriose residues. It is produced from starch by the yeast-like fungus Aureobasidium pullulans.

Products Description

Pullulan CAS 9057-02-7

pullulan CAS 9057 02 7

Are you searching for a plant-based solution to support your health and wellness journey? Look no further than PurePlant Pullulan Capsules, thoughtfully crafted to meet your dietary needs and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Our Pullulan Capsules are made from pure, high-quality pullulan, a natural polysaccharide derived from fungi. What sets these capsules apart is their vegan-friendly composition, making them ideal for individuals following plant-based diets and those seeking ethical, cruelty-free supplement options.

Key Features:

  1. Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly: PurePlant Pullulan Capsules are free from gelatin and other animal-derived ingredients, ensuring a completely plant-based supplement experience.
  2. Premium Quality: We source our pullulan from trusted suppliers to guarantee the utmost purity and quality, so you can trust what you’re putting into your body.
  3. Versatile Usage: These capsules are compatible with a wide range of dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and more, allowing you to customize your wellness regimen.
  4. Transparent and Odorless: PurePlant Pullulan Capsules are transparent, odorless, and tasteless, ensuring a pleasant and convenient supplement-taking experience.
  5. Biodegradable: We care about the environment, and our capsules are biodegradable, so you can feel good about your impact on the planet.

Experience the benefits of plant-based supplementation with PurePlant Pullulan Capsules. Whether you’re pursuing better nutrition, supporting your overall health, or addressing specific wellness goals, our capsules are the perfect choice for conscientious consumers.

Join the growing community of individuals who prioritize their health and the environment. Elevate your supplement routine with PurePlant Pullulan Capsules today!”

9057-02-7 is known for its unique properties, including being water-soluble, odorless, tasteless, and biodegradable.

Due to its excellent film-forming capabilities, 9057-02-7 is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as a coating agent, encapsulating material, or thickening agent. It can form transparent films with good oxygen barrier properties, making it suitable for packaging applications. Pullulan is also utilized in dietary supplements and oral care products for its ability to enhance stability and control the release of active ingredients.

Furthermore, pullulan has gained attention in biomedical and biotechnological fields due to its biocompatibility and non-toxic nature. It can be modified to create various derivatives that exhibit specific properties, such as improved drug delivery systems, tissue engineering scaffolds, and bioactive coatings.

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